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We provided you 1st Double Door Refrigerator Service Center with separate veggie drawer

Points to very useful at our company products provided you Refrigerator service centre as well as Fridge customer support toll free and available Refrigerator customer service and if you have any problem in Refrigerator so you use customer care contact number.

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Refrigerators are our best service. They not only help us to keep our fruits, vegetables and other food items safe, but also keep them fresh for a long time. Our companies provide the most innovative and advanced refrigerators at the most competitive high rates. They keep Your food items are safe, but also fresh food sling time. We provide you high quality services with maintenance of refrigerators services. We have the ability to repair and maintain a wide range of refrigerators uncommonly of their technology. We can handle various critical conditions related to refrigerators services centers. From gas filling to connect electrical repayments. We can handle all types of services. You can rely on us for thermostat replacement to compressor cleaning services. It means we are a one-stop solution for all your refrigerators problems. We can use instead and search for problems in your refrigerator and we will provide you all the solutions at the same time. It is possible we can be aware of that time repair and replace the components of your refrigerators products. And you can call our Fridge customer support toll free. As well you can take the help of Refrigerator customer care. Our employees are highly experienced and certified to handle different types of problems or any parts are damaged then our employees will change the parts of your refrigerator. we have the capacity to handle every situation to provide you all the facility and we give you complete peace of mind and are very helpful. Whether you are in every area of India or anywhere else, we are available to serve you with maintenance and repair services.

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  • We are service provider for all major home appliances services.
  • We don't claim any authorised brands name or product.
  • We charge for our services.
  • Our visit charges are valid for Same issue 30 days.
  • Warranty is valid as per as your bills.
  • No refund policy.
  • Repeat complaints will be resolved within 7 days.
  • We are not responsible for any damage of your product or belongings.
  • We charge for our work and parts which are told or mentions by our technicians.
  • Plastic parts / thermal parts / wiring burning / water damage parts / broken glass parts are not cover in refundable/ repeat complaint policy.
  • Customer please check your products before paying your bills after payment we are not responsible for (point 10 above mention) policy .
  • During work if any parts is broken by mistake from our technician that will not be replaced by us.
  • If customer is not satisfy with technicians work / parts we are not responsible for that because we are providing you a technical support technician .
  • If customer face any issue with technician They can take any action against with technicians we can share informations of our technicians with them in any critical situation.